Direct Leases

Direct leases allow you to stay on your growth targets by giving you seamless access to easily traded assets such as real estate, vessels, vehicles, equipment, and machinery.

Sale & Leaseback Facilities

Sale and leaseback facilities help raise financing, reduce debt, and improve cash flow for businesses of all sizes and liquidity requirements.

Operating & Residual Value Leases

Operating leases allow businesses that need to replace assets on a recurring basis, access vital financing to attain time, cost, and quality goals.

Debt Swap

Debt swap allows for replacing existing debt with better conditions as well as offering tailored cash flow that restructures the company’s debt.

Domestic Factoring

We provide sellers with factoring services against their domestic accounts receivable

Fully Secured Facilities

GlobalCorp offers business facilities secured against letters of guarantee from banks or by way of a cash flow guarantee

Purchase Factoring

We offer clients financing directly linked to supplier invoices

Export/Import Factoring

We facilitate the movement of goods in and out of the country by providing seamless export and import factoring facilities to clients

Our Work

GlobalCorp offers leading, innovative financial solutions including structured/tailored finance in partnership with other leasing companies and banks. We are the largest leasing provider to offer business restructuring, business recovery and insolvency services.

We have partnered with the majority of banks across Egypt in order to offer our clients facilities in local and foreign currencies. Working with clients as true partners helps us provide solutions that suit their risk appetites, size, and financing requirements, allowing them to build the kind of business they want today and continue to grow in their respective sectors.


"We work with our clients as financial consultants to truly understand their needs and provide them with bespoke solutions that come from a place of knowledge that helps grow their businesses and drive value for their stakeholders."


Prior to approval, we conduct in-depth analysis of our clients’ financial performance to assess their debt repayment capacity, management, industry, and the parameters for deal structuring in order to vet companies and ensure that we only take on clients whose business we can positively impact by meeting their needs swiftly and efficiently.

Our multinational shareholding base ensures that we remain committed to rigorous global standards including the group Code of Responsible Investing, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Performance Requirements, International Finance Corporation Performance Standards and Financial Reporting Standards-based reporting including IFRS 9.

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